Ritual Gold creates minimalist, wearable art pieces with the skill of an artisan’s hands.

Ritual Gold establishes itself as a company transcending mass-produced consumer goods, valuing the imperfect wabi-sabi aspect of an artisan-crafted piece. We stand on the side of humanism, valuing those qualities which make every person unique; and we provide heirloom pieces to fulfill our customer’s needs to express their own personal symbolic story.


About the artist:

Amanda is a scholar of Jungian studies, with a MA in psychology. She creates each piece after ancient symbols that speak to her heart. The symbols are intended to speak a powerful message to the wearer, as a reminder.

All pieces are artisan-crafted in Los Angeles. Each piece is unique & ships directly from the artist's studio.

AE is an artist in Los Angeles.
She is inspired by humanity.
Her favorite food is sandwiches.
She has a bike named Dirt she rides along the Pacific.
She is thankful.