Join Ritual Gold to find your life symbol.

Set in the beautiful space of Healing Art’s Indy, Amanda Espy (@ Ritual Gold) is beyond excited to bring her work from Los Angeles to Indianapolis. In this workshop, Amanda will teach how we can make ourselves more psychologically aware through the use of symbols.

The evening will be broken into 3 elements:

1. The teaching element is an explanation gathered from Amanda's graduate studies in psychology and work with clients, focusing on the work of Carl Jung. In this teaching you will learn the purpose of art for our psychological health, and the difference between symbols and signs. You will explore symbols can create more meaning and dignity to the individual life, and how ritual is an important practice for overall wellbeing.

2. A meditation and sketching period where you will be led through questions to consider. These will aid you in the creation of your current life symbol.

3. The creation of the pieces, which will be cut out of 2x2" wax. You will receive the pieces 2-3 weeks after the course, cast in solid brass and mailed to you. This is a project that even the most beginner artist can accomplish. The piece can be used as a medallion, talisman, or ritual piece.

The course is $50. The space is limited to allow for individualized attention, so please contact Amanda ASAP if you are interested in attending.

Amanda is brought to Indianapolis by her colleague, Katie Wall (at Therapy with Katie). Amanda and Katie have been studying Carl Jung’s work together for seven years, exploring the depths of humanity and soul, and inspiring one another through psychology and art. For more information about Katie and her work, please visit

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