Marjoram Twine Ring


Sterling silver open-sized marjoram-inspired twine ring.

Marjoram is an herb that symbolizes calm + ease of stress.

The Soil to Skin Collection is inspired by nature hikes Amanda would take as a child with her grandfather. On those hikes, she would collect various flora, and bits of stone and bone that fascinated her. The hobby of a child turned into a woman who desired to create wearable metal heirlooms of the objects she loved from the earth. These pieces were made to be carried on the skin, as reminders of the earth, and to visually elicit story sharing. 

Soil to Skin is inspired by the movement of farmers and chefs across the world, and very specifically Los Angeles, who go to the market weekly and feed their guests with food from local soil. It is inspired by the seeds, bones, thorns, and leaves. It is for those who walk to aisles of the market and are fascinated with the colors, textures, and imagining the taste and smells.

I hope that you are inspired by a line or a curve in the collection and carry a story home with you.

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